Friday, February 18, 2011

As Good As It Gets - Adjectives to Describe People's Personalities and Webtools

Feelings Scrabble Art     16/06/2009

Discuss in pairs.

Have you ever watched the movie As Good As It Gets? How did you like it?
Would you like to watch it again?
You'll watch a movie scene. Write down adjectives to describe the characters' personalities.

Share with your partner. Are the adjectives you wrote the same?
Watch the presentation below and learn some more words to describe people's personality types.

Advanced students nowadays have a wonderful range of different, fun web2.0 to choose from. Here is a set of flascards to provide you with the chance of recycling language you learn in a fast and fun way. Study the words we dealt with athome using quizlet, for next class you'll need some of them to talk about someone in your life.

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