Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Digital Gift - ESL Young Learner's project

Mother's day is around the corner.This is an esl graded book to read with our esl/efl students to help them get in the mood to celebrate. What's the best gift for mom?
In Class:
  • I'll elicit from them what makes a good gift for their moms.

  • Write a wordcloud with their suggestions.

  • I'll read them the book and check against the cloud (check how many of their guesses were mentioned in the book).

  • Ask them to personalize by drawing a gift for their moms. I'll put their drawings together and make their book on a gift for mom to post on our class blog. Click here to see my students' work.

Here is how it looks like on issuu:

Here is how it looks on rockyou
Please feel free to use the illustrations and try web2.o out! You can find them on flickr.

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