Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teaching Reported Speech to Teens

I have prepared many activities for practicing reported speech, but this time I was teaching a group of teens, and I wanted to bring a topic that would be interesting for them on its own. During this activity, students were super engaged and all of them had something to say.

1. Discuss the following questions in pairs.

Have you ever had a difficult conversation with your parents?
What would you tell a friend if she got pregnant? Why?
In the movie scene you’ll watch, the girl will tell her parents she is pregnant.
How will they react? How would your parents react?
Can a teenager girl raise a child? Why? Why not?

2. Write the following sentences in the direct speech. Watch the scene in which Juno breaks the news to her parents in a face to face conversation and check your answers.

She said she wasn’t really sure how she was gonna spit it out.
She said the school would contact the parents in the event of her expulsion.
Her friend said she thought it was best to just tell them.
She said she was pregnant.
She said she was gonna give it up for adoption.
She said she was really sorry.

3. Write a conversation you had with your parents in the reported speech and share with your partner. What does he/she think? Would his/her parents react the same way? Why? Why not? Who has had the most difficult conversation in class?
I'm not really sure how I am gonna spit it out.
The school would contact you in the event of her expulsion.
I think it is best to just tell them.
I am pregnant.
I am gonna give it up for adoption.
I am really sorry.

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