Saturday, October 19, 2013

What if? Getting Creative to Practice the First Conditional

Learning goal 
Create a personalized learning object (video) to promote opportunities to practice questions in the first conditional in a contextualized and meaningful way.

Stage 1 - Making a poster - Visualize

Ask students about their last trip, and if they travel much. Say: "Imagine a trip you really want to take.", "where are you going?", "what are you going to do there?", etc. Tell students they have 10 minutes to use Visualize to illustrate the trip of their dreams to their parents.

1. Display the app (Visualize) on the board and go over simple features. Show a sample of what is expected from them.

2. Write instructions of the board - check understanding.

  • Open visualize
  • Make a poster about your dream trip to show your parents.
  • Consider all the family member`s well being, costs, etc.
  • Finish your work in about 10 minutes.

3. Deliver iPads, time, monitor. Teacher makes sure all iPads are closed when he/she starts debriefing.

4. Projects students` work, and as they present, prompt other students to ask what if questions.

Stage 2 - Voice poster over - PictureSonic
Ask students what parents will think about their choices for the destination and activities during the trip, and what kind of "what if" questions their parents could ask about their trips. Tell students they will voice their poster over in picturesonic. In the recording, only their part of the conversation should be heard.

Show a video (final task) to make sure students understand what they are supposed to do. Write clear instructions on the board.

Connect iPad to a datashow projector. Open PictureSonic and show students its features. Hand out iPads

Have students open the iPads and start working. (Teacher times and monitors)

Students watch some of the videos, writing down the missing “what if questions” for each. Play the videos and check students` work.

Family / school connection
Students email their work to their parents to let them know what their idea of dream trips are.

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