Monday, November 7, 2011

What's the Weather like?

1. Take a look at the symbols below and write some sentences about the weather condition where you live: Use the adjectives below:

hot, warm, cold, cool, wet, dry

In my hometown it's sunny in January. It's usually hot.
In my hometown it's rainy in...

2. You are going to watch a scene from the movie Notting Hill. In this scene, the woman left, and the heartbroken mas is walking along the road. The seasons go by to represent the time she has been gone. Watch the scene and complete the sentences.

First, It's _____ and ________.
Then it's _____ and ________.
After that it's _____ and ________.
Finally it gets ______ and _________.

3. Where could the place in the movie be? Why?

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