Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What am I learning at EVO?

Power to the people
I have decided to take a break on my vacation plans to connect and learn a bit more about webtools and how to take advantage of them to tell stories. We, language teachers are fortunate because we get to teach while people share their own, personalized, meaningful stories. To empower my students to open up and tell others about who they really are, or what their passions are is the reason for taking an EVO session called digitalstorytelling4kids. I am absolutely amazed by the large number of people connecting and daring. I have never heard of doctors or engineers engaging worldwide to learn for the sake of learning. Why do we teachers engage so much in professional development? I do not know the answer to that question, but it's beautiful to see how open and eager to grow and be dared are all the educators in this session. I came across many tools that I did not know, and of course I felt the fear of missing something and the anxiety of the first daunting week. I had to learn how to behave in order to survive in the platform. I teach online classes, and it was wonderful for me to be on the other side as a student again. I really enjoyed the way the moderators helped out with tutorials and offers for help. It was wonderful to realize that yes, I could cry for help and help the ones that needed an extra boost. I am learning a lot of subject matter, tools for telling stories, but I'm also learning a lot about how to keep online couses meaningful and fun. I have being witnessing learning taking place, and this is a bless to start the year ahead of me. Maybe I won't need a break after all.

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