Sunday, June 23, 2013

Using Quotes in the Language Classroom

High - Intermediate
1 device per pair of student
Camera and Phoster

I have never been a good designer, but I do appreciate good design. Nowadays, I appreciate even more the possibility of having great apps that help students create eye-catching posters to make learning objects that they can refer to whenever they want. I was opening a lesson about experiences that teach us lessons in my intermediate adult group, and the opening task had students choose their favorite motivational quotes. I told them to use their own devices, look for a quote they really enjoyed and write their quotes on the board to work on meaning. Students had to negotiate and narrow their lists down to only one quote per group. Then, I handed out one iPad for each pair of students and asked them to create a poster with their favorite quote. It was interesting to observe that they could remember the quotes later on, and that they used the posters to remind them of the quotes throughout the semester.

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